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cisely like sodium chloride, whether administered by
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obey the call of the committee. I do so the more will-
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The distribution of the recurrent attacks according to the month
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from the inadvertent formation of this enzyme. 9 10 This
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forming a top like an umbrella, or like a weepitg willow.
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sioning the contraction. I find in the lungs a state scarcely dis-
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Before the patient is discharged and before measures of disin-
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small and not much accelerated, except in one instance, and in
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Surgeon, Episcopal Hospital; Consultant in Maxillo-Facial
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crete albuminous urine : in one, albuminuria will occur after an
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practically useless. At this time she complained of no swelling in the
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Quenu (Presse med., Paris, 18th June 1898), which recovered, and one
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It illustrates a point on which great stress has been laid by Dr. Stokes —
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for the distinctly feeble minded group, as many of these mothers are in
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ditions under which the disease prevailed indicated that place and season
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A-ltogether, the poor suffering horse is the very picture of
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since we cannot win all our risks, why then should we be
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houses, and saw-mills, may with good reason be avoided. Pedes-
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What are the causes of these reflex neuroses ? We must look to
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During the latter half of the i6th century, Aberdeen had remained curiously
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to, proper engagement and descent often do not take
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in Pennsylvania ; twenty years later, he went to the " West "
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calomel, or croton oil, or stimulating purgative enemata. Some
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best means to aid in freeing the caecum from the impacted
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compels the patient to occupy certain positions, in which these
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of Glauber salts, dissolved in warm water, and sweetened with
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5 oakmli it was somewhat aboye two inches, and in 24 it varied between one inch and one
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frequently observed a decided and remarkable increase of the
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intimate that the rhinologist's diagnosis of asthma is not always
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