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with the results shown in Table I. Of the 25 cases, 6 were unsuc-

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fingers into uterus and grasping the fundus, does not break loose the ovum

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ganisms in one or the other of these well recognized groups.

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tain disorders. Probably the first is neuritis, which after a short

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nion, somewhat too dogmatic ; after a pleuritic exudation, which

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the right eyeball. After his attacks of pain in the eye he would notice

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is more distinctly seen by the altered action of the muscles of

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" On the 30tli he had been sitting in his easy cliair, and a few nionionts

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administration of nursing was concerned, was destined to expand and to be developed

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and ascending colon covered with dark green sloughs, which have in

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In Colorado Springs, 106 clear, 3 cloudy, and 7 stormy days.


crowded hospitals, with ill-ventilated rooms, in which it spread

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The prepuce constituted a portion of the tumor and was remov-

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blood elements by supposing a congenital peculiarity of the hemopoietic

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sulcus into anterior and posterior lobes (cf. fig. 1). The lateral wall of the reces-

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whole facts of the case for and against, and arriving at a

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by her own hand. When convalescent she asserted that she had employed the

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Ceylon, 1821, died in New York, 1832, buried in the grave-

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or the muscles of respiration ; and we know how cautiously we

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text, drawn by B. Keilitz. Translated from the third edition

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