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degrees below. The swelling of the nerve was about one diopter.
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Robert Druitt, in his "Principles and Practice of Modern
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the negative, and there must be a galvanometer in the circuit,
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atropine should be used night and morning. It is necessary to get a
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another waj. Primary caxcinoma begins, in the large majority of
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men, many of whom require immediate surgical attention
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the strange shapes presented by deformed bullets extracted from wounds.
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tion of the stomach may demand, to be most serviceable in
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and more or less decided and universal failure of all the vital
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passed the whole hand into the rectum; and this is in any case to be
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should 'immediately take possession of a cow, and go high up into the
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to chill, but in which there is probably already existing dyscrasia. Such
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over at his best pace from once to twice a-week, ac-
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and lead over night, take out, wring and make a new dye
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some important link between lardaceous disease and long -continued
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tion, irregular uterine action, or severe vomiting. In order to
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the succour of wounded soldiers in the field ; and it is in the
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inasmuch as neither the constitutional symptoms nor physical signs
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being equal, their respective death rates from lung disease
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ciiest again, and finding absolutely no change in this respect, I pro-
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use of mygra
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treatment by the author himself had to be intermitted for as much as three
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six months. The giddiness had been attributed to dyspepsia, but
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remarkable Israeli educational psychologist, Dr. Reuven
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tiou of New York and vicinity, Prof. Artliur 'I". Ilail-