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minded me at once of the first case of invagination of the bowels

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^ See Laennec's work entitled ; " De rauscultation Mediate : ou Traite dm

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the staphylococcus, tubercle bacilli, and others ; but chief among them

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3.— As soon as natural breathing is fully established, discontinue

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large number of deaths have been recorded in a very short time.

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were among the most important of these. He made a shrewd

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disease is more rational and conformable to the ob-

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1 to 1,000 solution is necessary for disinfection in one hour. It is well to add

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every thing of the sort into the fire. Meanwhile, will the Bos

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nor at any other time, a cure might be effected ? Or do you think

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monographs and the phenomena which physiologists have observed after its

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county commissioners and local health board my report, giving

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imperfect syphoning of fluid from the abdomen after irriga-

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of three months. The improvement was not very pronounced

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be mentioned below, and which had, it seems, escaped the atten-

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says that the increase in the number of cases of appendicitis of

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Table 19 and the averages for the different phases of the disease are

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Zahn, and many others. Nevertheless there are likewise many

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condition in the causation of the disease. Its presence may also

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as I had calculated. We began with him at dark. 6ut

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as much as a litre of brandy or rum in the twenty-four hours. He

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the Czemy-Lembert suture, there is an almost uniform

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In one very large octavo volume, of 750 pages. (Lately Issued).

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enty-two pages. The initial number presents six original articles, liberally

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I feel it is wiser to keep it more for the incipient cases

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being subjected to the impact of a projectile armed with enormous

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in painted walls arsenic may occur, and may produce

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