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know any thing of the medical character of our indefatigable brethren of the
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of the Sciennes was some years later used for the treatment of cases of plague.
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present in but one case. Cerebral manifestations were marked.
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dispensed with. The reason why a case of this kind is not a
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settled with a foreign population, and owing to an eagerness to get the
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successful : in all three cases the pneumothorax was
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sebaceous cysts, although the distribution was in parts where sebaceous glands
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and quoted statistics showing that 75 per cent of tumors of the upper,
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with a small opening at the surface, are not the most effective instruments
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of ineligibility imposed was the frank existence of functional
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of Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus. Cultures from other organs and the blood
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irregular. A slow pulse rate is occasionally seen. The heart sounds show
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has claimed proportionately so many victims from among the members of
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bronchial and pulmonary complications also contraindicate its use.
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on the part of the Federal Government would, unless present methods
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has never been free from diarrhea longer than two or
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satisfactory to the minute and philosophical inquirer.
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with correction of anemia and improved nutrition, plus
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a treasure of the most solid knowledge and soundest speculations
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first, the inoculation to be repeated in ten days, the future course to be
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Thus it is seen that although the stomach contents and liver
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demand careful treatment for a number of weeks. In an
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Secorul. — By its use we preserve the healthful ac-
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doses, twice daily in the drinking water, until the fever
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tic laryngitis, complicated with a slight pleuritic affec-