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medicinal and systemic, and our prognosis may be con-
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trapartum treatment of the mother should modify the
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moi'e coui-age than the others, attempted to approach
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although the black sulphide of the latter metal might theore-
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whilst the influence exercised by such local disturbance on the
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days; and as a general rule the part should not be removed
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carbonate of ammonia consiitute the main reliance ; and
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fingers of the other hand, so as to bring the vulva as nearly
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knife, and which is the residue of the mucous membrane,
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doctors that we somehow have to give something back
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If, however, delivery is not followed by marked improve-
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Third, U.S. Savings Bonds are guaranteed to grow. They earn interest at a competitive
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ation should be persuaded of his ardent wishes for the cause,
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Dr. WardeU. Lender Kespiratory Diseases, we have Diseases of
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relapse was prevented by general treatment of a tonic and sus-
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was "right rather than doing everything". I would wel-
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distinctly the paretic symptoms are prorluced. Its action on
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come the divergence of the rays of light, and no clear vision is
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is contended by some that the specific effect of mercury is
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es and messenterial glands, are of inferior importance.
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S])eech-words was very much reduced, low-toned tuning-
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ated mucous membrane, and of the sub-cellular tissue,
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In individual cases, it must be inapplicable. Hence it is,
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As the readers of the Lancet are doubtless well acquainted
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vention he shall deliver an address on some suitable sub-
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in the same way, but its degree is less easily determined, on
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interval during which the fertilized egg can develop into
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times run their whole course during seven or ten days, without
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erect suitable buildings for permanent use. This will be
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child would be hazarding a double instead of a single ope-
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line of arrest, but gradually loosing its aspect upwards.
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the consultation should be considered as postponed to a
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ient to prevent conception. Hot vaginal douches, con-
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I saw him a few days ago, though he has been labour-,
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usually symptoms of the gravest import. In five of the seven
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I have had two cases of acute coryza in which there
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the Ohio Lunatic Asylum, to the forty-fifth General Assembly
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in consequence of the absorption of pus, for it must be ad-
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great deal of capillary bleeding, which the i)roi)aration in ques-
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and wash out the flaps with a strong solution of Condy's Fluid,
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Cool sponging reduces temperatuie, favors elimination