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very scanty as it so rarely proves fatal. Clinically, also, these two

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a Uttle hurried. Patient complained of great weakness.

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University. A University Court was also estabhshed in each University for

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out by Hirst and Piersol in their work on "Human Monstrosities,"

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remain free of many troubles which less favoured chil-

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molecular movements constantly existing betvi^een the molecules of

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of non-contagious foot-rot. 6th, A sixth form of the affec-

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ing of the prostate is observed to follow in from one and one half to two

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labor ; but that is not very certain, unless that labor is

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fasces resembling finely chewed brown paper, were discharged at

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cultures. The chief similarity is in the metachromatic granules, which

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measured by figures, but must show itself in the more ex-


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Arts and Sci. ; Mem. Am. Acad. Med. ; Bos. Soc. Med. Observ. ;

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attributed to lesion of the frontal lobes, as such, apart from general

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ately strong solutions (1 dr. to 1 oz.), its use has

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up at once into capillary tubes, which should be of somewhat larger

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ton, Hawkins, J. S. Bankson, W. W. Hall, Hughes, Gillespie,

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contain amino-acids and that they increase markedly during digestion.

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Dr. Schor to the belief that they owed their origin

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They have subnormal temperature, and in winter suffer

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able with respect to the ultimate restoration to mental health. The

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langes respectively, is, with a few exceptions, the same

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epilepsy without any foam. Besides, we may easily understand

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he aililnssiil Id the /■'ilitorof the Boston Afeilirnl anil Siirt/iral Journal ,

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hope and trust that you will take full advantage of the keys of

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• Read at a meeting of the Clinical Section of the Suffolk District

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ness of breath, cough, or expectoration — made the production of a

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endometritis, and a goodly group of the mysterious " itis " fani-

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work, and only very few idle solely from disinclination to employ-

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common honesty. The committee on the Code of Ethics, presented

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terial trunks, anl of the fasciie; on the medical as-

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ecological practice. He says (Maryland Med. Journal, May) : "As

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Moreover the direct action of alcohol on the heart muscles tends to

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is considered due to the early irritation of the diaphragm. The author

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great possibilities in the way of hog cholera vaccination work.

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The mode of conversion of railway luggage waggons, which has