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stimulation of the utcro-ovarian plexus. However this may be,

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the homicidal wild beasts that infect that country is

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distinguished from splenic anemia. The author does not at-

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the surroundings seem a repetition or at least peculiarly

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way employees. This is perhaps due to the fact that

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a suspicion that the Chinese are at their old tricks again,

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Case 106. — Operator, Fitzgerald, 1882. Upper dorsal region ;

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tional guaranties that no one shall be deprived of life, liberty

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higher percentage of recoveries. In fixing the percent-

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of the virulence of different races of staphylococci, oc-

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limit, and two of them are now well at the end of three and

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the functional activity will become increased, in another

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bulletin to be issued each day during the annual meeting.

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consecutive cases in which there were 3 per cent, of hereditary

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Cask 4. — V. M., aged 70 years, an attorney, suffering from

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of operation at an early stage of their growth, and the avoid-

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many varieties of tissue, areolar, myxomatous, glandular, nerv-

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details of carbohydrate metabolism, the relation of the glucose

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As time passed schismatic medicine grew apace, its col-

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would sit up and take milk when told to do so, and he

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threa,ten this country, from both the Atlantic and Pacific,

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Another phase of the question is to be found in the

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vantage in many cases of appendicitis in early life. By

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the digestive work of the stomach and bringing about normal

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Connecticut Medical Society, Hartford, May 22-23, 1901.

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Undoubtedly those who have worked most in these dis-

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all cases, if possible, to keep the patient on rectal feeding

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normal histology at the University of Siena. He believes that

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39. Hydrophobia. — Fisch reviews the facts in regard to hy-

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death should not form one of the natural results of such an

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be able to learn to use it with satisfaction. In the first

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treatment, occasionally most brilliant therapeutic re-

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ness. His voice was weak, and tired easily. This condition

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two months, after having been free of menstruation for

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Thirty-first Annual Meeting held in Sacramento, April, 1901.