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neighboring stables where the stock were kept in identical con

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three hours the temperature may have risen to degrees Charts

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in the horizontal jiosture. In ordinary cases of sick

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probably indicate suppuration in malaria chills are severe and

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progress could not be followed closely. To overcome this hindrance

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considered inert towards the system but it is certainly detrimental to the

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quantities fifteen to twenty grammes even when this

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A communication relative to the practicing of medicine contrary

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white or brown bread. He continues that diet still. The results

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and women of so many kinds does a physician occupy the fore

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conditions than by the removal of the exudations can there be a

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pressed against the posterior surface of the epiglottis and the upper

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Knight a Candidate for the practice of Physic and Surgery

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hard swellings and assuages pain in old ulcers whetlier

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Bi lateral Perineal Incision for the Removal of Phos

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thereby destroy life which appears to me to be thus Supposing

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dura was much thickened. An aspirating needle passed

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them upon the cerebrospinal and sympathetic systems.

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treatment. Recent experience had shown that when consump

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extremely short not reaching up to the uterus. As the

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They are characterizefd by remarkable rises of temperature F.

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before the operation is performed. In double pyelonephritis if the conditon

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available since in addition to the opacity of the colostrum the indi

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were applied too infrequently to be of the greatest service and

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detachment of tlie cord gra e hemorrhage may occur in the case of

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constantly increasing proportion was used until now

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established and purulent sputum containing elastic fibres and the other