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so it has been found safe to needle cases of high myopia with con-
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pared with that which a bullet would inflict. The baU,
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solid tumour, irreducible, excessively painful, and with no
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diet she has become as thin as a skeleton ; one wonders how she has so
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observations collected over the widest possible field. His book will
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At the time of menstruation, as well as shortly before and for a few days after
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by which my arm was miserably fractured and contused.' — See chap, xviii. of
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of sickness, a shortage of 8U[)pIie8, and a great deli-
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R. Volkmann (Messrs. Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig).
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blood presses the brain, and jumps violently through the delicate
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diagnosis was insular sclerosis with unusually profound sensory
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The " appendix dyspepsia " of Moynihan is an accepted
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• Traube, Gesammelte Beitriige zur Pathologic und Physiolojfie. II. S. 741.
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the great secret for curing all the illnesses on the earth.
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and is capable of holding from 50 to 100 liters. It is especially useful
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Status on Admission: temperature, 103.4 F. ; pulse, 120; respirations, 40;
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secondary sympathy of the skin and extremities, by preventing a greater degree
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disc, which is immediately squeezed to the convex side
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The distribution of moisture is most important as regards climate
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selves were smooth and thin (Fig. 19, 77 days after treatment). Subsequently
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And read, through countless aeons— day and night—
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this summer two cases of this hypertrophy associated
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5. A secondary trephining is indicated even in the presence
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fever and other infectious diseases; blood changes which
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pieces of wool torn out by the animal during the rubbing
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Another reason why pregnant females are better in the
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garded as excessive to men of ordinary physical strength and accustomed
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nature. Natural immunity in some cases appears to be associated with
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matitis. It is responsible also for a yellow or apricot staining
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" That therefore public institutions must be estab-
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far as elevation is concerned, there are valleys in
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nose he recommended the following prescription : Of milk of a goat or cow,
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and the complications following on suppuration of that
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encounifje the study of anatomy which was the immcdiato means of leading Harvey