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present time ? Do we not often see the head of a family

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infection, or have been produced in the body by some specific

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clothes and surroundings. The use of aconite and Phyto-

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licensed to practice in the different States. If a reciprocal ex-

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M.D., Instructor in Clinical Medicine and Materia Medica in

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largely the result of educational propaganda launched by this

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semi-aquatic weeds, chiefly in the morning hours till after 11 o'clock,

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The average dose of antitoxin administered in these cases was

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was thought next to impossible for a patient to recover without

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which would often seem successfully to lesist inimical influences,

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pseudodiphtheria bacilli, but as genuine diphtheria bacilli devoid of virulence.

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the urine in such cases should be frequently and care-

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be given as soon as the patient is seen, if the dysentery is probably