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a new and unknown science may be accounted for in various ways.
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we are indebted to Dr. Otto Schirmer of New York, who followed the
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was wrong, since they did not have the data that estab-
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if you will, in sunshine and fresh air for doctors,
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depriving him of the proper use of that limb, will cause
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found to be open. At 8 months the fontanelle was distended, and the lateral
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there were, among every 1,000 men, 4596 cases under treatment in the
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one of our counties," the "our" alluding of course to Kansas,
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has lost considerable weight, although she cannot state figures. Her strength
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ever made an autopsy on an insane person without having found
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in the lower, outer quadrant, and a few small spots of exudate. The
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tion of the encephalon is injurious, especially with
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The first account of the disease called rickets was drawn up
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is considerable mucus, which later contains some blood.
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during that time who treated him for Intermittent fever until
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be flexed on itself in the centre of the thigh to right angle. Although he was
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nasal cavity after the manner of a hernial protrusion. Farlow
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high-school or academy course, qualifying the student to enter the Junior College
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within the meaning of this paragraph, but will keep the register of
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For the credit of that Profession, however, I would say
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latter may give distention to a marked degree. Again, it may
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passed through a coarse sieve — No. 40 powders, and those which
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the precaution being taken of thoroughly making this antiseptic
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by each physician are well laid down — and several of their
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Thus the three types of rheumatic inflammation are illustrated by the usual
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observe. Although in very irritable habits, and especially when the
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tired if confined too much to the same article, and
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operating room, instruments, etc. Simplicity and asepsis rather than anti-
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if we will call to mind what weeds are, and that the term
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may not show in tinctures and other alcoholic liquids.
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