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German war. These allegations led to the following ordinance by the

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was abundant; in 103, or 45.5 per cent., it was in-

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glanders in all its forms and of acute farcy with open sores

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his colleague, may vigorously crow over the post-mortem

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infection, or have been produced in the body by some specific

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alvine flux; profuse sweating, nor augmented flow of urine, the per-

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vantages and disadvantages of the following schemes for a solution

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pelled as it always is, with vehemence, has a frictional effect upon

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tality of 5.6 per cent. (Table 13). Four of these seven deaths, while

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perfected schools, and as a result, few of our medical

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Kblynaok, T. N,, On Dissecting Aneuryum of the Aorte. (Plates I, -III.) . 162

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tinues for many hours after the discontinuance of all stimulation.

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directly received by a second individual, but takes a roundabout way, as

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and Infectious Diseases (Dr Liles), University of Washington School of Medicine,

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to the heart and to the nervous system become well marked. With the

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small, no larger than a pin's head, or quite extensive.

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cularity of the facial angle in the heads of their divinities.

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of the naso-pharyngeal and nasal resonators, that is, there is

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on the day he renders service to a Blue Shield sub-

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about for one hour, then stripped of all his clothes,

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statistics that there are no "sure" signs of the thymic origin of pri-

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pimple on its first formation. Occasionally it will

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Contrib., "Use and Abuse of Opium," Rep. Mass. St. Bd. II.,

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while the fluid itself is slightly opalescent, from the epithelial

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Lime, carbonate, chalk, antacid, astringent: Horse 1-2 oz; 0X2-40Z;

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subjects, given by outstanding authorities. The two

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gestation These doses are 10 to 20 times the estimated usual single clinical dose

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of which there had been no symptoms during life, and embolism of the artery

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given him over to die the morning before I saw him,

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tis. This may possibly have been due to an infection

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and socially. It is this principle that has lately, in this country,

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in their movements. The legs jerked forwards as those of a

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of conjugal reproduction for which the agency of sex is or-

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Russell A. Alger, commander-in-chief of the G. A. R., as follows:

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near the motor cortex. The convulsions were either general or uni-

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ease, and which will completely fulfil the ideal of a

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matitis. It is responsible also for a yellow or apricot staining

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also by fossils. It constitutes the uppermost stratum of