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" Footing Dinner. " The professors and graduates were asked
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sense innervation cooperating to maintain the swinaming reflex.
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Beef 26, pork 24, chicken 27, mutton 29, brain 20, blood 21,
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siderable hemorrhages, rather definitely localized, are the character-
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which might reach them or their immediate neighborhood through the circu-
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Under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency the Governor-
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appear in the published Transactions of the Association. A lengthy
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probably white softening due to defective supply of blood ; and
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most important. He came to my office, August 14, 1907, saying he felt
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they led eventually to the discovery of ptomains and to the elucidation of
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four hours. Suture the angles of the wound and apply a dry
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found profitable elsewhere. This State needs such safe-
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The isolated organisms may be immediately transferred to test-
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it — dulness goes clear over to the side of the chest At the apecc there
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diminished from the onset of the disease, becomes still more scanty during
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such trains must not only comprehend transport vehicles with
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Hunter's remarks on some of the effects of velocity, and
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. Art. 184. — Report of a Successful Case of Oastrotomy in Extra-
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onerous ; and this especially in the case of new patients,