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partly smeai-ed and partly poured on. The two outer sheets of
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A fortnight ago, without any assignable cause, the twitchings
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and the peritoneal flaps turned down over the cut surface. Be-
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The after-treatment in this case, to prevent stricture, consists in
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tor very naturally stood still and stared at the man
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development. 3 4 Psychoanalytic approaches are often
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Original articles contributed exclusively to The Medi-
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shadows of such a life are given, with so much truth and vigor."
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to allow her to come to me and have the benefits of water cure. I was
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having been reported in as many as 26 per cent, of certain autopsy series.
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many of the causes of disease are invisible and mysterious; but
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f erring to Withering's statement, that "when 'the limbs in anasarca
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duct is fully exposed, and has not been completely divided. If suture
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tissue paper envelope. — Medical Practitioner, uct., 1889
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nei colon di cinghiali Sardi <Ann. r. Accad. d' agric. di Torino, v. 33, feb.
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successful in reducing the mortality in these operations. Fol-
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2. Boy, nine years old. Taken ill about 1 o'clock p.m. with severe cerebral
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hoff, M.D., National Director of First Aid and Assistant
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reached ; then by the aid of the finger and a blunt instrument, with a.few occa-
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wife might have it in his power to draw it out by the
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work for several days, and 8 of these had pneumonia, with 2 fatal results.
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mitrailleuse had 25 barrels ranged in 5 rows in juxtaposition,
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are destroyed, the pouch which contained them collapses, and finally
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others in the lungs, ear, and other organs ; others on the skin, in
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golense infections were highly refractory to the drug, sterilization
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gin to the tibialis anticus. Just below the inner tuber-
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kindled heat enough to cause motion in the stomach and
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ANNUM&E de Medeoine et de Chlmrgie l^ratlquea, par Qamler et
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more rarely attacking the ears. In advanced cases the legs and
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D.P.H., Lecturer on Hygiene in the Queen's University
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accurately described aneurism and its treatment. A ligature being
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their personal wants have been properly provided for. Not so with medical
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saying that sui)purative ndddle ear disease is a much more com-
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