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subcutaneous test with a hypodermic injection. Whether the latter method

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Upper Wind River, August 8, 1894 (No. 754); Snake River,

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a time restriction. Much has been omitted that might have been

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easier than when the naked finger and thumb are used, but

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From America and from other countries we have similar records. So that

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level. Neave {13), in concluding a paper, on hernia, says : " Some-

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are desirable or not, so that they may either be legalized or sup-

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prescribing should be met, not by levelling down, but

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We occasionally find one large round or oval cavity, generally but not

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Public Advocate. The Committee also met with represent-

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ality IS not only a duty, but a necessity, and the cook should always

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blood -pressure. With these objects in view a hot air or steam bath

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in one or more large hospitals. Let a certain number of patients be put under

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filter. The chests are provided with canvas covers and contained

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more frequent (as also more severe) since she was married (8 years

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a rupture of the acromioclavicular ligaments in all cases, sometimes the

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by ELrzABETH MARsiiAiiL. The case of Spotted Fever,

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home, dividing his time between study and work on the farm

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more aggravated cases there is headache, and there may also be

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there is pain in the muscles of the arms or legs. The knete-jerk is

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the sphincteric region of the bladder. The author reports four cases in

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year; while exposure to wet and cold in rheumatic subjects seems