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for the stomach there was an escape of flaky lymph and pus. Gauze
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ing will pass a little blood. At times the horse will be urinating very
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but constant hypotension, with the Gartner tonometer. In about one-third
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skin should be stimulated by an occasional Turkish bath, provided
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for patients, and houses our direct and stereoscopic illuminuting
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of the intercostal muscles being unsegmental, one may diagnose the
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indication of blue line on the gums, incomplete exten-
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injected, followed in three hours with 20 c.c. of pneumonia anti-
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deficient, and therefore to open an auditory canal and make a sound
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Physical Examination : The patient was a well-developed, well-nourished
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fresh living atoms, and visits every part of the body, even the
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other people, those who use the voice professionally are apt to
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I have given these patients from one to six raw eggs each
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in the usual direction, succeeds only by lacerating much more exten-
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He attributes much of the apparent transformation to malignancy, to
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large as the pipe directly above the trap, communicating with the
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cases a ten-per-cent. solution of nitrate of silver. If the discharge still con-
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in my experience, that the tympanic disease showed signs of greater
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The faults, however, are almost entirely in the system, and only
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Four cases f^ave a history of association with persons convalescing
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infection. The lesions may be limited to the synovia, or may involve the
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experiment, there were five movements among forty embryos
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or young sheep picking from the pastures the ova or larva
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plasma, for the destruction of the damaged red corpuscles may take place
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and after a time, these abscesses may themselves be absorbed without
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The effects of dynamite are a sensation as if the head would burst,
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modern thought in regard to the disease, in respect to its etiology, commu-
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effects have been so rapid and beneficial, that the patients have been sur-
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and an enlarged spleen has been mistaken for typhoid fever, but careful
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the right side, which moved about wlien it was pressed; during the last
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He held to ihejutte milieu between credulous empiri-
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varied and classed under two heads : predisposing and exciting.
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the important truth that consumption in children is often the
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with the production of pus and the results of fermentative
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aeriform matter, as it does upon bodies in the liquid state. We feel every day
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the possible ill effect of high arterial tension. I am aware