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provided they l)e not very small, and situated in parts that are

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patient complained of a little abdominal pain, chiefly due to

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in smelting the antimony ore, are desirable ; and for the skin eruption or

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legs. After the completion of the ceremonies the oc-

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ndduction and then pnraUelize the shoulders and 2>''iris.

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Oliver, James, A Study of Four Cases of Full-time Extra-uterine Pregnancy 154

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necessary should be differentiated from each other and from other morbid con-

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with hepatic cirrhosis of animals, due to feeding on Eag-

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were drilled and heavy kangaroo tendon threaded through to hold

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passed about seventy-four ounces of urine daily. The

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for even when such an opening exists, if there be no increased intracranial

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between the cases admitted to a private hospital and to a public hospital,

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From the Anatomical Laboratory of the Northwestern University Medical School

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by B. A. Watson, M.D., of .Jersey City, KT.J. The in-

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pleuritic effusions, those portions corresponding to the position

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wound infection and the carbolic spray was introduced by Lister with the

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borders of the lungs, by the existence, over a circumscribed por-

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just as the pressure of the stream of water increases

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has more than a common claim to consideration; a general improvement of

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tint, an acid reaction, and may have a peculiar odor depending on

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Xhe patient was not confined to bed or house, but was

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Esquire, M.D., to be an Associate Coroner within and for the

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advantage of keeping the book small, and yet allowing

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Powell, Junius L. , captain and assistant surgeon. Granted

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Detoxicating Function of the Liver. It has been shown that

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pains accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, and dysuria — in the