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detection of carotid artery disease, aneurysm disease, and extremity arterial occlusive disease.
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describes a common source outbreak of trichinosis from
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and June (188o) numbers of the American Jour, of Obstetrics,
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Biology, bacteriology and medical science have made
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hypnotism, but even here the operator must be prepared
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there is such a thing as abusing whiskey, and certainly
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think it had better be given in small doses, as it produces the greatest
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Mex'ARD. Comptes rendus de la Societe de Biologic, 1890, p. 721. — 56. Tnoiipsox,
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found extremely difficult in some of the obscure cases, or
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ticular attention is that of Messrs Burroughs Wellcome &
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mentioning the case published some years ago in the Penin
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gradually reduced, say from two months onwards, so that
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transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder treated
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certainly possesses many important advantages. Thus, if properly
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It will also be of importance to exclude organic, spinal, or
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when she opened her eyes and spoke for the first time in six days
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If the patient survives the violent convulsive attacks which,
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