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tion ; he was preparing himself for a barrister, and only
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circumscribed red infiltrations and ecchymoses. Both lungs filled
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the teachings of some of the French who declare that this is of
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subjected to it three times in one twelvemonth. The
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let me say that Symzonia is yet an unexplored country, while the Dark
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apparent that different states, and in some instances associations,
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perfect methods and facilities for guarding against profuse loss of blood.
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tion. Sometimes, too, tuberculous and syphilitic lesions
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chance to regenerate. There is one form of treatment which is
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any probable hardships of field service or exposure in any
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for all parties. We wish we were able to give one of these books on
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Wallace Edgar Sabin, M.D. , was born at Lenox, Mass. ,
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was unfortunately not sufficiently valued in the past.
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centers, the peripheral nerves, the neuromotor apparatus, etc.
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American medical education: biographical essay ....
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fected patient. There should be fires on the decks to overcome damp-
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the possibiUty of regeneration. Only by excluding this possi-
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old countries, has for ages been used as an article of daily
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it. It is the prime factor. Given a certain measure of brain
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hours after the last convulsion, a partial couvulsiou
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each. From scarlet fever, New York seven, Philadelphia four,
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and while in good health he weighed 152 pounds but is now quite
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reentered on Jan. 29, 1916. In the interim his appetite had become worse,
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Societv, and their families, and of other mend)ers of
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twenty-four hours, perfectly free from Rugar. and. was otherwise in good health.
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function, was considered highly improbable ; and the cases upon which this
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is understood that the Address of the President, Dr.
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temperature. Some of them have had a continued fever for
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and no trace of the disease could be detected. Two years and
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by the same increased flow of blood through the capillaries which would result
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secondary cases were any less liable to occur where the primary case was iso-
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upon two complicated cases, and from them, as well as from oral
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albuminoids, such as collagen ; the rest consists of proteid.
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the temperature falls there must be a corresponding
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ing of the cranio-neural tube at any point. Of these the first is that as
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handicapped as compared with their brethren in England and