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troubles, also piles, constipation, and kidney troubles, with erysipelas, an 1 intestines very weak."

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add, that sometimes it would be found impossible to replace the uterus

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1. Bacteria, as filaments linear and inflexible, and gives three

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on firm glass-pressure. Their presence was masked by the general infiltration.

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Diseases. Egyptian-Eye-Disease, Inflammation of the Eyes,

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measles after having fed upon ' tiplia,' which also helps their con-

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view of the fundus. When the child had been dismissed, however, he

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Chinese silk, of which he uses two sizes only, the large for liga-

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hydrochloric acid failed in the test meals. According to the amount

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physician in a given case not to have to make cultures

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peculiar analogy between vegetable productions and living ani-

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indicate that infection possibly took place after weaning. Most

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practised procedure, a number of the bolder and more aggres-

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The stomach is divided into a cardiac and a pyloric sac, connected by

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vated in, Great Britain. By D. C. Macreight, M. D., Lecturer on Materia

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By sucking abundantly, I mean the infant taking each time that he

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Martin, are highly interesting from a scientific stand-

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been over the field of our studies before us, who can

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hepatic vein. It is to be presumed, however, on account of its

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pies therein, and with this view I undertook a sys-

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proceeded through the state of Wisconsin and entered Minne-

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DUPUT (de Frenelle>~Tralte da Rhumatlsme Musculsire, on Necro-

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there will often be vomited a pint or more without much effort

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stomach this man died. The pancreas was found enlarged

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cillus in a single case. The authors therefore agree

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until the autumn of 1880, when he had what was sup-

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resembling the one just described, with the exceptions

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some time ago the occasion of observing a young pregnant

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the most vital organs; every region of the body is now ex-

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Local authorities may make such regulations as they think fit for

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trivance near the handles by which the blades are locked when a

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sidered by the writer, and the causes, peculiarities and treat-