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^ ^''•^ first introduced in inflammatory complaints

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diseases, and of the old coats and trousers of decent living people.

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ever, that since the source of illumination is always be-

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also the other side of the body. Such haemorrhage also, if con-vnilsion be

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of so slight a disturbance of the circulation, become converted

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mind, and should be prepared to weigh well their true relation

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izes the heart's movements; it also increases systolic energy and

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weave about themselves a net, invisible indeed, yet too stron^ to be

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question arises whether, and if so when, we are justified in operating upon

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gain in weight. In nine cases no etiect was produced. In most of the

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an occasional complication ; the infection probably spreads from

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than the uterine. He thought it probable that iorlo-

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termination ; but from the result of one case alone we cannot

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moist; the lung tissue will contain no air, and, on moderate

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fewest unpleasant symptoms. (2) Vasodilation may be indicated with

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relating to the processes of these fevers is, that they ra;>idly

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Bacon, F. ; Barker, J. W. (Westville); Bartlett, W. R. ; Beckwith.

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maximum recommended human dose. In pregnant monkeys, doses 2/3 and twice the msiximum

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between the vagina and the neck of the bladder was sufficiently large

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local) are practically the same as those of a rapidly -increasing intra-

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be said that in these cases there is venous congestion from arrest

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from them, in contradiction to all general analogy. It may be considered that

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This case was of interest because of the complete absence of abdominal

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on dogs. The instructors — Brigham staff surgeons, ane.sthesiol-

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debility. Hectic fever also accompanies other diseases, as all

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diluted vapour be employed and fresh air substituted immediately after

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found considerable numbers of non-medullated fibers in the

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Only through familiarity with these principles wdll one acquire

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own account; I mean from the fact that they may become the cause

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Symptoms. — The early symptoms attending a disease of this

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the temples. Here she saves cereals rather than souls.

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terms and he also has served as a member qf the local Board of Health

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