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very nervous. Diagnosis — Hyperthyroidism. January 28th, patient no
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+ These readings were made about 30 minutes after the injection of epinephrin.
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to a complete loss of memory for recent events. The occurrence of lucid
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Art. 2T7. — On Betropharyngeal Abscess in Infants.
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sensations are very uncomfortable, and he betrays much anxiety of
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slight but constant How in the intermenstrual period.
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The mode in which death takes place, when the disease is not
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The fact at once stands out, that the evils to be met
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the final success of his strenuous efforts ; and though he was
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each patient was asked a series of questions : First, the symptoms which
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The phrases that have been our rallying calls, such as
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emulsion, or as a mixture with malt extract, or with creasote.
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circumscribed red infiltrations and ecchymoses. Both lungs filled
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The office of the Experiment Station was riioved from
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what vague objections against the existing hospitals — which, yet, he ac-
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lamp should be so arranged as to have its light reflected up
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eloquence ; but his lectures were nevertheless always serious efforts to
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significantly (P< .01 ) decreased the frequency of angina
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Remarks. — That the fatal termination of this case was not a
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11. Examination at Netley. — At the conclusion of the course, candidates
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Associated with the crepitant rale in the early stages, we generally have
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always be appreciated by the results. The object of
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of good families ; themselves engaged in responsible business,