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parts of some preceding confinement were positive proof that the
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There have been added to the University library, dur-
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same experiments were also done in Italy, but in a differ-
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The descriptions of the individual operations are excellent. We are
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cerasin. Samples II and III were obtained from material considered nearly pure
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examination of Dr. McDonneirs views, but will merely say that he is practically
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ruffled and disordered ; the tongue is very dry ; the
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and an infarct in the kidney. It was an unusual case of cerebi'al embolism,
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ing the same rules as if there was but one ; that is, keeping
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pair being added later. Most Acari are very small and their body
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apparatus has always been at the disposal of physicians whom
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(American Journal of the Medical Sciences^ January 1.)
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a rapid defervescence the duration may be comparatively long and certain
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three months old, when bacteriologically examined : —
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which is found in certain cases of small-pox may be mistaken for scarlet
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grains of cordite, in the form of small rods, as before mentioned,
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sulphuric acid, the test-tube being inchned so as to let the
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crossed tremor in unilateral lesion by affection of the cerebellar peduncle
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sembling metastatic abscesses. Their internal wall was formed by
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less glands, such as the adrenal, or by the activity of tissues. An in-
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" Forgive me, gentlemen, if I talk a little extravagantly on these matters.
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Believers in the lactic-acid theory recommend the extensive employ-
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this era, we may briefly allude to the researches of
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de?^ate clothing, warm maJJjes, and diluting drinks
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It is on such cases, it would appear, that M. Brown-Sequard has
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destroyed. It is therefore of comparatively small importance
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With Treponema mucosum and Treponema microdentium a definite in-
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J. A. HuTCHisox, M.D. — I would like to ask Dr. Archibald whether