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neuralgic pains appear to accompany slight pharyngeal affections

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obtained, as well as any others of the fauna of the district

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been on the sick list once in every two months and nin^en days.

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days, the feet and limbs became cedematous, the pulse

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is defective in its means of making extension and counter-

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caustic may be checked at any time by the application of an alkali. The

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The book contains a great many case records, which are well selected,

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Stanley B. Atkinson (London : Bailliere), to everyone interested in

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This exhaustion happens even under favourable hygienic cir-

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tion. Such reflections should make us chary of ruthlessly condemning

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have come under my own observation occurred in females.

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animal must remain at least three days, during which time it is

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ward, for a period of" thirty years, his activities were

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experiment ; I regard the second as well meaning and well worth in-

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in the Clinical Society's Transactions, 1893, ii. p. 114, pi. ii., and in

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lights, Rechargable Battery Handles. Laryngoscopes, Proctoscopes,

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The officers and committees of the Society just elected

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Dr. Adolph Eichhorn, Inspector B. A. I., who was trans-

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iment was repeated twice daily for several days, and although the

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something to sell, from the book agent to the distributor of

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was now moist, the thirst abated, and the abdominal tenderness not so great.

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right person with some entrepreneurial interest this is

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The Board of Examiners consists of the Faculty, and

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to record the many helpful little wrinkles Lenne in-

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which is most often, of all skin diseases, ill-treated. A careful

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for carefulness and honesty of purpose, yet that the favourable cases find their way into

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to all. Dr. Todd’s little hospital received favorable consideration, but negotiations