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its employment caused the same increase of annoyance,
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have been supposed to be modified, will only be studied in the
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cases a ten-per-cent. solution of nitrate of silver. If the discharge still con-
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extend until it fused with the granulations from the soft
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the better-class visitors, and may be described as a spurious spa. It
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that can no longer be denied are the musculo-tonic and diuretic
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woman's linens ! Nor is this resistance confined to the laity, for
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in urgent cases, to make compression himself for two or three hours ; this period will some-
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significantly (P< .01 ) decreased the frequency of angina
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comparison of the two earlier English life- ; is indicated by a blood-red colouration, due
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contract a more fatal malady. By observation, I have
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urine ; or this excretion is scanty, of low specific gravity, deficient in
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and other functions of the frog might be applied with little change
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Dr. Balfour makes some interesting observations upon the
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all local excitants tend to aggravate the disease. In these
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is supplied with sensory nerves by the lower six intercostal nerves the ante-
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vagina are not di'ated as in the case of a Pessarie of ordinary make, but is allowed to keep its natural posi-
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offers some features of interest. Throughout the vertebral and
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M.D. 1959, Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine
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