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O. had extensive perineal lacerations. She again be-

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though a cure is not obtained a decided amelioration is always observed.

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occasionally break out. Going to bed quite well on Saturday the

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been a comparatively rare operation. Five years ago Wood's

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leave him to his repose, near the yet greater Franklin.

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board-like induration occurred as the result of intense

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jection to this was that it had retained nearly every

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and schematic diagrams which might possibly represent an as

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24. Wehner FC. van Rensburg SJ, Thiel PG: Mutagenicity of marijuana and

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volume of the Transactions). The author denies that the capillaries are thick-

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mine-T with early removal of any drainage. It was found that if

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after a week she developed double pleurisy. The creo-

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medicated either with iodine (F. 259), or creasote (F. 261), or

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when this practice has to be conducted on a large scale, if the

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Hightower, Ira Leon, a, Marshall, Texas. A.B. (Bishop C.) '22.

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scent of temperature, it indicates a continuous haemorrhage.

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the dorsum), tender, red, and cold. On the dorsum of the

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fully passed the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edin.

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X-Ray Findings : February 4, 1949 : Infiltration in left

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complete cure of progressive deafness by any means. Conse-

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different indications for their use will be made out.

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and soda and codUver oil were now administered, and other adjuvants,

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twelve hours it was placed on barley water^ with instructions to add

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Charles, died at the age of 4^ months. Mother reports skin smooth.

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convulsions occurred. They almost all sank very rapidly ; death

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few weeks <lie(l. During the summer I had corre-

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Crow, John F. Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry.

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The extremities of the bone bore the appeaiance of having

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SunscuiI'TIoN Tkums: 9r>.()0 j>cr i/ear, in adraiirc, ]>n^/ii;ic /iniil,

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Another point of importance in the case (and one to which

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of the lung, esophagus, and pancreas has been found in dif-

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inclusive, was 2.720 inches, and the average number of rain-days

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mica slate, and the chlorite slate, and had an outcrop of

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chial complaints than the combination of eucalyptol