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at times presents regular intermissions ; it may occur at every second,

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Sheep husbandry in the United States is becoming one

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of this " cardiac aspiration " affecting the lungs has been obtained

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but few, were almost all free from lead ; second, that

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exophthalmos but no von Graefe's sign, no goiter, no tremor and only slight

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anodyne. Non-greasy, water-soluble and non -staining, K-Y Analgesic

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this society has lost one of the most efFective workers, whose

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pride would be touched if he entered his house and found his wife with

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bronchitis or broncho-pneumonia, complications which may also follow burns

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occurred in a mildly epidemic form among British and French

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in a war which has lasted so long as this one and which has knocked so

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mental disorder, yet his own observations must have been

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for the duties of his profession without such a work

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burgh, with a copy of his Return of Infectious Diseases notified

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exclusive of phthisis and morbus cordis, and distinguishing the

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Next to that of splints is the question of the treat-

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lymphocytes. Dr. Mott at one time supported the first view, but more

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post mortem had a blanched appearance. But we must also remember that

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the construction of the microscope and to microscopic

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had repeated Roice's experiments, and he had also in

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seems a defect in all the bones except at the hip joint. He can

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islands and glands may become occluded giving rise to retention

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the relief of this def)artment during last summer. It

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desirable remedy. I have much confidence in this agent

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as bad as ever. He had observed that his stools were frequently

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tobacco, snuff, oysters, money everything fitting to Almighty

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In this manner he attains one fixed and habitual method,

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Lallemand has described the case of a patient who believed him-

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of water, but had no desire for food. I ordered a pail of water

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the table on which she had been placed, said: " Dear docther, )-ez hiv

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could recover spontaneously from a perforated gastric ulcer, at the same

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or seven days. If the stitches become loose, which can be easily dis-

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of gastric trouble. There are also other and graver causes,

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If you want to examine a specimen of urine to make a diagnosis,

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use of mild antiseptic liquids will measureably arrest the

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fluid which dilutes and modifies the blood, so that exploratory aspira-

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appear in the published Transactions of the Association. A lengthy