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course thoroughly infected with yellow fever, and three


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pubblica" received the royal assent, and since the first day of the present

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its separate elements (Babinski). This may be seen in various other

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Dr. G. H. Kdixgton showed a patient whose pericardium he drained on

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most 4^ inches. As the uterus still came out of the body,

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injections of a weak sublimate solution (1 to 5000). The patient,

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cient for their purpose. Taken as a whole, we can recommend Dr. Morland's Compen-

herbal powers lj100 reviews

mated from the date of inoculation except where otherwise stated.

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treatment of the pemphigoid eruptions since the debate in 1898, nor

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upper extremity remained normal, the lower was paretic ;

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credit to the Auxiliary and its president for introducing

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Bos. Dispy. Contrib., " Report of a Case of Adherent Placenta,"

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saw her again. She felt pretty well, but complained of sickness

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s.n. 62 the membrana tympani. Trans, from German. (New

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stronger, slower pulse. Illustrative pulse-tracings from some of his cases

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words, that it will prove adhesive inflammation. The synovial