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are what made us stick with them when we decided to upgrade

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the genial temperament and masculine though eccentric

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stomach, the lungs, or the heart, and that a sulphonal habit

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may be slow and imperfect. There is also the theoretical objection to its

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secretion. 2. That in which a higher degree of inflammatory

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Capillary Ectasis. — Andral, Precis d'anat. path., 1829. — Basse, Anatomische

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(b) Wash the penis well with 1:2000 bichloride of mercury,

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Snyder, Toledo. Committee on Publication, C. F. Clark, Colum-

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climates, Bertrand and Baucher found practically the same organisms as

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its convex surface, and on its upper margin, deep cicatricial con-

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hours after drug administration. The plasma elimination half-life

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small sporozoit formation may be a part of the life cycle of the

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icifuga 3x cured her in about three weeks. — Clinical Reporter.

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Sky," or "Skyland," on account of the large number of sunshiny

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On the extremities the similarity of the vesicles of chicken-pox to

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often the only tests we have. Applied to the polyarthritis asso-

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tioned above. Following the line so ably drawn by A. Foumier, I

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the openings of the aneurismal sac in the first case; the haemor-

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its muscular nerve-fibres degenerated, the sensitive

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hemorrhoidal artery. There were no lymph-nodes visible along the

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Benzoin. — A gum-resin, the tincture of which is known

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Using something as simple as water to clean acrylic paint-

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Transitory motor cqjhasia in typlioid is discussed by Hahn {Wien.

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submitted, with excessive arching and shortening, and more es-

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Dr. J. P. Bills, of Hyde Park, read a very practical and

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The Division of Vascular Surgery offers a fully accredited two-year residency position in

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there is much dense cicatricial tissue, patients commonly

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was a matter of gradual development, and his observations were extended by