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specialty. He was appointed Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Sur-

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J. Hervey, born 1859, died 1909 ; Isaac A., born 1861, died 1876, and

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uation he was engaged in general practice in Buffalo, then became

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pupils, great acceleration, and at the same time smallness

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and Barthez figure as " Rilhet and Barther" on p. 68, and

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of Medicine from the Medical School of the University.

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serious haemorrhage, and with these lesions there is a risk

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coming an interne as junior and senior assistant and house surgeon,

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and an occasional feeling as if cold water were trickling down

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Dr. Ostrom's vaginal hysterectomies, or, as he prefers to

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to the researches of Koch and his co-laborers, has lately been

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ceased ; in fifteen minutes I could feel and count the pulse ;

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ply, cleanly, with a full nutritious diet, and plenty of fresh air,

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papers " give details of the battle of Malvern Hill ; and there is

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There was, in addition to the foregoing symptoms, a recurrent

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If we discuss the opportunities for extensive laparotomy in

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while yet a boy he had determined to be a surgeon, and

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the author, the following paper: "A Case of Pott's Disease,"

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In 1882, Dr. White was appointed attending surgeon of the New

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obtained, and the nature of the traumatisms, which is at

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Dr. Hadley described very clearly his experience with a pecul-

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been persistently treated and wrapped up for some days in

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self willing to abide by every statement, theory, and chance sug-

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point (2 1 2 F.) when the object in view is to disinfect food or drink

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interfere at the slightest threatening of peri-oesophageal

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Children ; he is also one of the founders of the Hotnoio-

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each other, has been put together, in order to facilitate com-

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the lines of a general practice, though he gives especial attention to

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under Docent C. Bender at the Physiological Institute,