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blood, and if these are concerned in the transportation of the digestive
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(h) Methods of Control. — The Infected Individual. — i. Diag-
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^piniere chez une femme hysterique," Gaz. hehdom. 1865, No. 7, p. 109. — 12.
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entirely from that of removing a bullet within the hemispheres.
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over several days, was there the slightest indication of collapse.
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absent. For that reason it is a very difiicult thing to prove that
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the patient can obtain blankets or other articles necessary for
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grave outlook as to duration of life. Accident during an at-
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with her patrons are merely pretence. The physical injury which
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3 from abdominal tuberculosis, and one death from disseminated
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London Hospital. In some instructive comments on these records
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ment of the competitive examination. He must produce an extract from the
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ice-jackets and immediately distributed in sterilised Iwttles. Ac-
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the temperature of the room can be regulated, represent the thyroid
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Descriptive list, military* record, and statement of accounts.
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Tubercular infiltration, or renal phthisis, on the other
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right arm was a prominent hardened scab, and another over the left
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free supply of Hquids, absorption may take place by way of the lacteals, and
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tality in military hospitals, under the most favorable cir-
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November 2. M. C, four hours after breakfast, put his feet in the bath at
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to do right ; and this we claim, at any rate, whether it is yielded to us or
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brought into prominence for the purpose of affording patients, and
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mercury. As a powder it may be sprinkled on floors,
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take. But this disease has a history, which we can only
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may be taken for granted that a harsh measure of complete compulsory
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to the arrest, if not cure, of this malady, phthisis.