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ticism. A Medical Society has been formed at Lowell, Mass., recogniz-
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hearing, others their sight, while in others it has left
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and prerenta tbe tibia from being dieplaced forwards on the femur.
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than the heavier to the lighter. 2. Their attraction for the
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useless matter, should be kept active and free from every thing that
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obliged for the impartial consideration accorded to certain
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In a child, with its relatively large cutaneous surface and cor-
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disease appear, as is the case in all the neuroses.
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and those of his colleagues and, perhaps, rivals. Too much, I think,
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versity College Hospital, the lecturer made some interesting
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458 JUDSON : Early Attention to Infantile Paralysis.
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corrections, and to nlake the contrapuncture, as well as the whole
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to an operation for strangulation hernia," and at the end of
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of affliction, is the only sound and consistent theory with which the world
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the Medical Staff Corps is placed at the collecting-station to
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Loose Cartliages in the KneeJoint Removed by Subcu-
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experience it is a very definite disease with a definite pathology.
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level of the fourth thoracic segment. At the level of the eighth
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necessary to abstain rigoroasly from any operation with a catting instmmenL
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making of the bed by sows, glistening appearance of the
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ture was infected by turning a sick calf with the healthy ones
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Peter, but it is doubtful that he stayed or practiced there.
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TUCK, G. B. Boston Med. and Swrg. Journal, 1888, vol. oxviii. pp. 168, 175. — 95.
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