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accident, as when given by the doctor? Surely it does;

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ness may be used to cover the leather. More than this

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culo-pneumonic phthisis ; a form of phthisis in which the disorgani-

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Tuberculous In the Medical Record for May 2, Sidney F.

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* Articles to be inquired in the Visitacyon in the fyrst yeare of Queen

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true of all those branches of the pulmonary artery which are

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The inference that lactation is in some way connected with the symptoms in

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a much less extent in the more superficial cells. The pigment was of a

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are given for boiled rice. Use a double boiler. Have the water boiling in

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shows medial and lateral to the cornea in each eye, when the

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observed such a case. Under the circumstances I was led to believe that

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through the Abdominal Parietes. By Joseph A. Toy, M. D. of Virginia 33

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This stage continues twenty-four or thirty hours, some-

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has been denied with far too much dogmatism in recent times.