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ract successfully extracted. The method of treatment which he adopted
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One year later he believed himself cured and wished to
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blocks the capillaries causing innumerable haemorrhages in the organs
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fourteen cases of typhus and that not one death had occurred.
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palm of a man s hand was located on the oro lateral surface
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AnBemia is characteristic of many conditions in which the spleen is
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FiG. I. Development of the vagina the uterus and the Fallopian
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arhythmia is observed. Through the pressure of the mouse tooth forceps
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the interlobular connective tissue which is the seat of an
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of the skull we occasionally find adhesions of the two surfaces of
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taken at intervals as his stomach could retain it. I also ordered
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versity. Xo other course li.as been recognised we believe on the
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It is possible that the copper and zinc contained in the alloy
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fluid finds its way into the thorax as in pleurisy then the
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referred to starting up places of business and hanging up signs
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it in pure culture. Kitasato however at last overcame the difficulty
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less clearly into this group. Most of you have probably
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the amendment if passed would have been to admit to consul
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MXCIV. Apoplexy is that disease in which the whole of
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out. The fundus is of averago size nullipara and ajipoars to
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sodium. The resultant increase in naturesis will pro
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a man born in Iowa who was the subject of unquestionable tubercular
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portance of a close differential study and a W asser