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majority of cases, the second sound is also accentuated over the aortic

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Treatment. — The disease is very fatal, and causes death in

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producing telluric emanations, which perhaps constitute what we call

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was evidently not an instance of that disease. The supposed tetanic symptoms

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experience of only one case — in which there was a history of

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involving the pancreas, and adherent to the spleen and kidneys,

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mand, because he is devoted to the relief and consolation of his race.

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found in the breath, in the normal black vomit, almost always in the stool, and that

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volved. The initiation of steroids within 24 hours of such

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intclli<xent application of whatever disinfectant is se-

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weight is about 11 lbs. The present regulation pattern is very

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In previous editions of the Year Book will be found historical resumes

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the essential factor in a specific fever. The argu-

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18th, when signs of incipient phthisis were noticed

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organs. The liver seems to be the favourite locality : when cysts

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pied by white inhabitants. The residents here are a

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other secretions. In the urine these waste matters are fouad

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readily understood, when the valuable functions of hydrochloric acid

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too a tumour situated below the tentorium of necessity produces the most serious

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his diary we find the sort of busy man he was : —

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and treatment. In many cases it is difficult to distinguish insane

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commotion of neighbouring parts, will ensue, and the projectiles,

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other sources of infection ; history of other persons who

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colander, and stir into it the white of an egg beaten to a stiff froth.

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to roam day and night where they please ; they accord-

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Hfemorrhage of free character from the external wound, if

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the parts reached by the gases resulting from the explosion had a

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prescription), good beef tea, the inhalation of the steam of hot

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It need scarcely be added that until an apparently complete cure