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detail to guide the student to a proper appreciation of their significance.
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Loffler bacillus, and a nearly equal number of colonies of Staphylococcus
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over 60 per cent of iodine. It is called alpha-iodine, and has been identi-
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injection of a salt solution directly into a vein, and would
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long list of testimonials. They will gladly forward samples
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an index of the degree of accuracy attainable under our conditions.
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Ten years later (1701) the better-class visitors ceased attending. In
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concerning early diagnosis in pulmonary tiiberculoftis. ISonney, .S.
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This continued for six hours /. e. until 5 o'clock P. M.
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such pulsation is felt, it is no indication that severe bleeding will ensue in the
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The Science and Art of Obstetrics, by Theophilus Parvin. M. D., LL D 749
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- tion or alcoholic abuse, to produce chronic interstitial hepatitis.
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were placed in a closet with iron wickerwork doors,
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It has been proposed by others that immediately after admission
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is released and finds a portion of his ill-gotten wealth
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present. The use of a saline laxative or the carbonated
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raw, cooked or in jam, for at least two months after the symptoms
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localised pressure by tumour or inflammatory products, or a local inflam-
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adults who viewed a videotape of a physician treating a patient while using either positive or negative communication
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