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on the features of purulent ophthalmia. It differs from other
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amounts of water, the hydrated nitro compound separated in a yield
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tion has shown no muscular weakness or abnormality of reflexes.
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case of empyema of the antrum, in a man fifty-four years of age, in which
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*From the California State Employment Development DepartmentJ 8-22 and Passmore and
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and have done so at a rate which was nearly parallel with that of
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unruptured hymen. The Lex Africanus describes one of the wed-
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water should be taken fasting ; in hepatic disease after
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Indiana — Indiana Village for Epileptics, opened 1905.
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The Boston Distkict Eclectic Medical Society held its
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1 Practical Hygiene, by Charles Harrington, M. D., 1905.
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man aged thirty-two, of vigorous constitution, but subject to rheumatism, was, in
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. . Fig. 179. — Mode of adjusting splint for simple
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There are many reasons for believing the process of suppuration serves a
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Lungs. — Softening in the left apex. Patient was put on iodine gr.
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us remember the paper by Dr. Hays (3), Chairman of the
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ment show to be desirable. The needle being brought out, the ends of the
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removed, and therefore are retained, their presence causes hectic
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sank immediately on the subsideiKe of the fever; and others, after sur-
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through the handle of the staff, and another vertically through the
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secondary cases were any less liable to occur where the primary case was iso-
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nally. Medical Examiner Presbrev reported the death
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tainty as to whether the dise£(se has existed longer or
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slowly, and retains its colour at the end of ten months. — Archives Gen6rales,
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Thefe may all be held as ■pojfihle caiifes of the
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desquamation often takes place on the areolar surface, sometimes before,
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