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The training of the student in medicine in the scientific labora-
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London in ruins, the Thames emptied to receive them, and herself
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get her near the buildings and under cover, as it was commenc-
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lutions of the ileum. I soon felt an opening. Drawing up the
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perfectly healthy iip to three days before admission,
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rhagia or metrorhagia, may be, as regards its cause,
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mortality is too high (5*94 per cent.), and that serious injuries to the
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Oertel '^ in his investigations first estimates the
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Niemeyer, Charles J., Surgery Duke Hospital, Durham, North Carolina
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International'CIvInics; A Quarterly of Clinical Lectures on Medicine, Neu-
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no wonder the life of a cab or small proprietor's horse is a
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nations, hypomania and increased or decreased libido
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successfully approached, and possibly restored, to th,e body of which
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water at 00°; it is used in dyeing, bleaching, and the
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Modes of Dissemination and Methods of Prevention. By A. C.
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of the tuberculin treatment over all other methods, both in
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had not grasped their power for good works, who yet saw through
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^ Semaine med., Paris, 1906, April. -Ann, Surg., St. Louis, 1906, November.
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Neurofibromatosis with ocular involvement is a rare condition.
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intestine, secretin, which we have seen is essential for the secretion
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of Edinburgh, is the same who has recently given to the
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Treatment. — When the nature of the case has been dis-
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Nashua, Hillsboro' (city, 1853), 13,453 — Dearborn, S. G. ; Greeley, G.
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tional nervous troubles and that the treatment mainly consists in the
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with some advantage show how many diseases are overlooked
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general conjunctivitis, also there was a slowly ripening double cataract. As
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and one-half inch in diameter. In this experimenfit
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In dealing with perforations of the cornea in which the iris is entangled,
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cers *, for then there would be a neceflity of thrufting
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restless and deluded state, which gradually became more pro-
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may unite with complement to such an extent that lysis is markedly di-
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phenomena that he had described under the name cerebral henii-
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invita nz
first considerable (from one to two per cent.), until, with the
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of a patient who was being operated on in a Brooklyn (N. Y.)
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the right auricle; the lower, mechanical systole of the right ventricle. It will
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characterised by its smaU proportion of both proteid and fat. Oats are
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throbbing in character and increasing gradually in severity. The