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" The proper mode of abstracting blood in infants or children, whether by

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is discolation of the head of the femur backward usually caused ?

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Vaporized Cresolene is destructive to Diphtheria bacilli and may be

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especially the monkeys — is comparatively easy ; but not so with

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that exertion may start anew the circulation. In Black Leg the tongue

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when treated by the stomach. During this time the pa-

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and distributed by one of the members, upon a suggestion from the

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Fracture Splints, Crutches, Syringes. Enemas, Skeletons, Fine Cutlery, etc

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Frederic Paperth, d.m.d., Research Fellow in Pediatric Dentistry.

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ness, hot flushes and other manifestations of the climacteric

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action into the right one. The regulation of the diet

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alkali and supported no vegetation excepting a few weeds

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nerves, I attempted to throw up a large enema of cold water,

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that of a man of sixty-one, who began two years pre-

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sprinkled upon a piece of cotton wool, would probably have been

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important, and should be a part of his treatm^t ; but

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and got it " every time through his feet." Whereupon

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pressure of the ventricular fluid may increase in chronic hydrocephalus,

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Mr. Hamilton exhibited, had undergone extraordinary changes. 'I'he upper

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exhibit a fatty degeneration. How can this fact be reconciled with the above

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see & Virginia Road. It is doubtless from veins of the

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past year. When he applied to me he was conscious of losing strength

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while great cold demands a special increase of the fats.

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All caustic applications, even mild ones, are dangerous. In these

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it is used. It acted successfully in cases of psoriasis and

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chea laterally, so that it barely admitted a goosequill. It was found that the

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09fi dollar entrance, and were to pay twelve and a half

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bodies increase in size the structure becomes complex. A deeply stained

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responses following repetitive nerve stimulation. 43

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which we use a great deal for plastic work, is scrubbed with soap,

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Acting Assistant-Surgeon John W. Hamilton detached from th* Osla-

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