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treatments failed in only 2 instances. To say that the treatments

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of the ileon, and makes a turn round this intestine, firmly embracing

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into the common iliacs. From the arch of the aorta are given off

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This exhaustion happens even under favourable hygienic cir-

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Eiselt (of Prague) states that he saw small pus-cells in the air of

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1 Vide "Spec. Diagnose," Leipzig, 1895, Bd. ii. S. 312.

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advocated : 1st. The fact that the convulsions were due to

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animals. For instance, in the one disease of parturient paresis,

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June 18, 1863, 4:56^, and Dexter, Fashion Course, L. L,

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varicose by the passage of arterial blood into it." — British Medical Journal.

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the men engaged in this line of practice acquire money,

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later ; and a third, when she was more than thirty-sii years of age.

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carbonic acid (a method again very lately recommended by a French

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further decomposition changes. Where satisfactory most of

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Cerebellar tumours commonly give rise to occipital pain, but on the other

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very soon down to a firm layer of fibrous tissue, which I thoroughh

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ten by subordinate to more integral portions of the apparatus, and thus of forming wrong

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apparently attached to the posterior aspect of the right tibia.

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with 1 1-4 lbs. of the muriate of tin, let stand 2 or 3 hours,

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regulations as are dictated by common sense ? Is our city

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the size of a child's fist located on the under surface of the penis. Concen-

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drainage-tube in the gall-bladder. I prefer closing the incision in

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(vi.) The extension of the disease to the medulla may cause symptoms

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circumstance to which the disease owes its names "vomito negro"

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is an operation that I think should not be undertaken without the patient

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in alcohol from the hour they are gathered, and also import direct

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dry, and the bronchial membrane is of a brownish hue. If the

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All letltrs containing business communications, or referring to the

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1965. Brody, Jerome I., Graduate Hospital, 19th & Lombard Sts. (19146)

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septic ointments, powders and washes locally before a spirochaete

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scanty and occasionally blood-stained expectoration. Haemop-

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tion and repainted. All fioors are to be taken up, in-

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cocci, as saprophytes, abound in the scales of the scalp,

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checking the diarrhoea of babies by the use of disin-

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Fig. 2. (A) Horseshoe kidney. Axes of pelvis run infero*