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flamed patch a small seed-like body can be felt in the substance of the
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class of cases. Mr. Gurney reports a case of reposition at the end of
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tune, he observes, in these cases is, that this fatal result cannot be
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of tuberculosis, for no remedy should be employed except where
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great classes are constantly recognized, Ptomaines and Leucomaines;
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encysted in the viscera and muscles (Fig. 28). They have no caudal cyst,
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in Loudon," by Dr. T. D. Crothers, Hartford, Ct. " The Path-
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largely in excess of the other exciting causes. One in seven,
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That this malady is curable there can be no doubt ; though it
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upon the practicability of restoring the rectum to its natural capa-
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a large abscess in the loins had this effect. I have also observed
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sidering the universality of these substances in the
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York. Copp, Clark & Co., Agents, Toronto : Dawson, Bros.,
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thought that the concussion ifc had produced must have lit up
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non imperat, the physician believes that the disease cannot baffle
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painful to the touch and ulcerated, could be felt en-
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symptoms as the usual after-effects of a debauch, paid no attention to
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immediate operation was advised; but he would not consent, thinking
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either we call each individuum a species, or we admit only a sin-
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The child had gained very much in weight and in general strength.
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formed to date, the procedure still is being evaluated as to its
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Ronald Rouse, who are, respectively. Director of the Department
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of the operation. For some years he had practised the
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toxins from the alimentary tract. Todd found cultures of Bacillus mega-
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ing and give to the general practitioner such constan repeti-
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frequently observed a decided and remarkable increase of the
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principles of this observation to the treatment of cases of poliomyehtis in man.
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Canvas Windows. — A frame can be made the size of the
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pathology of diabetes insipidus, growths in the pineal body have