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In topical the period of progress, and in the stationary period of the lesion, the fingers and toes are very greatly enlarged and unwieldy, and they distort the adjacent digits.

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Careful stomach tests should be made and most important of all, an X-ray study should decide the exact canada nature of the lesion and its location, if one is present. Patients with cardiovascular disorders kill should be watched closely. TRIAVIL may impair percent mental response to alcohol. This may be itself incapable to of diagnosis in internal tubercle. Oas ssid he had seen ray littie of this joint afFeeanni as he had never liad a esse under his care; but fkom what treat be had aean he thought there waa a general agreement betwev TiewB on Uik point. In at least ten large cities of the United States there have been active and concerted efforts in scabies the past two years to reduce an evident and unnecessary mortality among infants. The "mites" blue material gives none of the reactions of indigotin and is not a copper compoitnd but contains traces of iron. This bill, which passed the House Insurance Committee and will be voted on by the entire House next year, requires that all accident and sickness insurance policies, both group and individual, shall be required to make available coverage for the treatment of mental disorders, which is at least as extensive and provides at least the same degree of coverage as that policy or contract for "price" the treatment of other types of physical illnesses. IMtaDoee are quoted in vhtch ttiedlcal men have testified io hftVtng been saved and" firat aid" otherwise efficiently rendered by certificated impilB, and tbe report coneladu with detdlt of the progress of in the recently developed ambulance corpe for the tranaport of the sick and injnied, and aa intereiting nairative by Lady Brlisny vl Aminihaoe Uie FACfutnr ot Phtsiouns"and Sttrokons ot following liet'ofioffioe-beaicoiifortho year wai deolarad Midwifoy; Dr.