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In 1751, medical officers wore the uniform of the corps to which
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Retro-bulbar neuritis is called also axial neuritis because in almost all cases
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convalescence. One patient of this series entered the hospital for amoebic
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dissemination of contagious diseases, the question of jurisdiction
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Charles Bell was not the man to refuse either to forgive an injury
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None of the component parts of raw milk is in any way altered.
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used. One is placed under the patient and the other over him and
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gift of language, through which we share our hopes and
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The author of a late able work, howeyer, expresses the belief that
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tests. We are indebted to Dr. Lafayette B. Mendel, New Haven,
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and hope its views will be deeply considered by the profession ; and that
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and there is no reason why nurses should not likewise
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rious holiday occasions, when the system does not at all require it.
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university when Popes or rulers sent them authoritative documents.
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