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demned. And that they do follow their use where it has been delayed
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treatment of some of them. It is a curious fact, that three of those cases
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Smallpox in the State. — Sixteen cases of smallpox have
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has gained a foothold, owing to some local traumatism
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the blood, taken at autopsy, developed the colon bacillus. The
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who, unversed in medical science, were called upon to convict, perhaps, for
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the subject at length. He thinks that mitral regurgitation
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seventy cases this way and pronounces it the ideal operation,
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sound cicatrix. Creosote, iodine, &c., were now freely employed, but seem-
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Dr. Siribling is attached, inculcates the importance of well-directed moral
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fomentation to the part, the pain, swelling, and redness of the hand abated,
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inch deep. From these, dirty white fetid cheesy matter wa!>
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with original documents and an appendix. By the Professors of the Faculty
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occur in a locality previously free from infected mos-
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inary objects, with furious aggression toward anything
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one of these auricles in the case of an adult measured
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of damage, exceeding even that brought about by the
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and both prudence and safety require that we should leave nature herself,
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drawn from experience. By Augustine Duhamel. 2. Observations on
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pulating was the principal one. It has been seen that it is the continued
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Dr. O. H. Cretsmeyer, Waverly, has been appointed to the
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"As it is not my intention," says the author, "to become Dr. Physick's
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"Library," details his experience with revellents, an important class of
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to the use of normal salt solution by rectal injection, begin-
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ally anhydro-gluco-chloral, chemically CgHjiCljO,. It
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with among the CHiinese in San Francisco, a number of dis-
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patient herself had had considerable trouble with her stomach
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4. Give those that ought to have it an education that they can
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be drawn out into fibres, fascise : tendons, nerves, &c., are fibrous, but they
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heartless indifference when he becomes an accoucheur
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perspiration of the feet: Wear low shoes, wool stockings, and
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after the operation, my patient was out in the streets walking about, with
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spherical, and in mammalia is often met with somewhat tapered at one end.
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the conclusions of Klaatsch and others against this
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on the transportation of persons who are in advanced
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were distinctly enlarged even in the acute cases. In those
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liver and behind the colon a hard tumor had pushed itself into
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that it was born alive, exhausted, however, and died from this hasty assump-
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opens the sluice ways of the skin, and the system is
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oonunitment of an alleged incompetent to the custody of her
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general peculiarities of camp fevers. Personal observation has
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marital syphilis ; 2, hereditary syphilis ; 3, extragenital,