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think, therefore, that we may consider the diagnosis to
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is squint; his observations show that the ordinary concomitant
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such a case as this, except to avert some of the consequences
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of the lung, esophagus, and pancreas has been found in dif-
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from eating wholly indigestible food, or not enough indigestible matter;
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amount is further increased, will very soon come to a standstill in a
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• Prepare by broiling or roasting, and avoid addi
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patient, where the method of treatment by tuberculin injections is
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first class will be sent from the office of the Surgeon- General. Those
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use of such a measure to stimulate an anesthetized or profoundly
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our cultures against serum from recovered cases were doubtful or
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nitrate of amyl. I have at present under my care a patient suf-
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3. Put feces out of reach of flies, food, and water as promptly as
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I-25th of an inch. It will only require, therefore, a little over one
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I know of only one case in which there was probably a sponta-
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this is in harmony with the anatomical fact that in adults the meningeal
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^^M given below afford proof that when it acts as a purgative, it
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considered effects were the grave and prominent features. In-
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flammation, only a few remarks are called for. Bleeding, tartar
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utility. The cases of influenza, scarlet fever, diphtheria,
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The instructions given above are therefore necessarily of a pre-
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to the extent of impairment in kidney function. The study of addi-
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vance of the impulse is abolished and only the direct
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of most institutions of learning. The University is located
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than under ordinary circumstances; (ii.) that a considerable number of cases
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a shock throughout the suffering org-an. This shock, which dislodges the pain,
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would signify the existence of renal disease. Further investigations
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Charles Bell was not the man to refuse either to forgive an injury
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synonymous with the disease under consideration ; it was only a
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Taylor," in a letter, adds the testimony of several
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besides this phenomenon, a chronic diffuse nephritis,
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cation of experiments, as well as of cases, as a means
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the time being about 60° Fahr. On the third day the bullet had
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alteration of cutaneous sensibility, but electric sensibility was almost abolished.
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thyroid gland than in the older dogs from different litters, and there-
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fidence in the i^reservative means against infection; I see no ne-
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statistics and figures, the writer has come to the conclusion,
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Earnest student, successful graduate, capable instructor, true
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grave. She never speaks of you but with tones and words and looks
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