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Such an accumulation of catarrhal products is well known

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has found the leprosy bacillus in the skin of a Breton leper.

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pelvis; but no connection could be felt between the mass in the pelvis

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parties are the three LTniversity Colleges of Aberystwyth,

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An Ophthalmological Society has been founded in Berlin.

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in this case might prove of much service in many cases,

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Mr. W. C. Cooke, Bognor; Mr. J. B. Collins, Kingston-on-Thames; A.

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That the report of the Army Medical Department be referred to the

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C. McBryan, L R.C.P., L.R.C.S.Edin., Box : R. Davies, M.B.,

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lisher of a set of medical portraits under the title of " Stone's

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We are authorised by Professor Koch, of Berlin, to state

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He grew weaker in the next few days, and less conscious.

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mainly, it not entirely, spread by contagion," although, from

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tive Committee of the National Leprosy Fund, express-