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weather, but the records for the past year indicate that high tempera-
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it reinforce and supplement the fundamental forces of repro^
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marshy soil, nor the absence of the sun's rays, nor the configura-
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Philippe. The collection contains numerous dried preparations of
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as well as palpable, sometimes, in fact, being bet-
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especially difficult to handle on account of their tendency to become
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thrombosis is to first exclude acquired causes of hypercoagu-
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greater part of which mat firmlj co a filiated, while some re-
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of the poison or the organism. Increased tolerance cannot be
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for humanity and justice have been enlisted by the benevolent Eng-
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values found for the normal animals agree with those in the litera-
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fit to the patient until January 4, when he was found to
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a curative influence in human pneumonia, cannot at present be positively
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Other suggestive signs are pleurisy, failing appetite, gastric
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The Role of the Prenatal Clinic, Dr. J. Gordon Gallie.
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5 mm. broad, situated 15 mm. below entrance of innominate vein, opened
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The first traces of albumen were found on the 20th of July; on that day
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erythematous ; and as the vesicles grow, their paler outlines are thrown into
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ammonia or strychnia, and the employment of enormous doses of
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nected by means of a platinum wire with a conductor, and filled with a saturated solution of pure
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5% have evidence of intestinal infection with C botulinum,
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mental confusion, a result of cerebral congestion, is followed
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really connected ; their true cause being ignored or overlooked. Such
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rent shall thereafter become or be payable by any occupant thereof until
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propagator in the place of a destroyer of infection. Dry
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closely resembles F. nodurna, being sheathed, sharp-tailed, possessing a
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Packard, J. II. Supra-pubic cystotomy for other purposes than
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rable. Through the skill and care of Drs. Thomas and
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discrete, closely set pink papules, with caps of fine adherent scales.