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cool those parts which are already over-heated. This may
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most accessible point of concentration. (See paragraphs 5 and 6).
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ing to and from this side of the heart, we consider it probable that the in-
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could draw out the foetus with the greateft eafe ima-
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crete albuminous urine : in one, albuminuria will occur after an
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contains secondary nodules, seldom to be recognised
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(i.) Diseased vessels. — The most common disease in vessels — atheroma
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lation of adrenalin brought a definite dilatation of both pupils. In
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b.m. -5634 British Museum. Catalogue of the fossil sponges. By
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the uric acid diathesis was solely and purely a chemical one. There no doubt
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does not resent the presence of ligatures cut short and left
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17.5; Leeds 20.7 ; Leicester 17.5: Liverpool 26.0; London 18.!»;
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lesions as a rule exist. It is a fault of conformation, not con-
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grains of cordite, in the form of small rods, as before mentioned,
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pieces of wool torn out by the animal during the rubbing
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were probably of quite recent origin ; as aneurysms they produced
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cakes, were distributed from the regimental quartermaster'.s stores to the
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" nize that the anatomist has furnished him with indispensable
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found in pure culture. Not infrequently they are found in the sputum.
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(accompanied by pallor and faintness) of a boy smoking his
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substitution for Emmet's or Schroder's operations, as these
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Let us see if the challenge will be accepted. This is the way to ar-
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weighed 22 grains. It was treated with 5 fluid drachms of alcohol,
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mind the service which such aids are capable of rendering. It is
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as the cause of one definite disease, had been found in the products of
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It has been known for some time that if massive doses of emetine
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introduced ; with this apology I will review the claims and the
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system of treatment. Pneumonia pure, simple, and uncomplicated,
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Alkali and Hypochlorite Solution in the Treatment of War
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foetal state over a greater or less portion of the organ. The
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cal School has shown that such selection can be effective as
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practically cured. (In spite of the author's opinion of the efficacy of
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lege Medical School, which deprived them of his presence and