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tnent. If the cause be cold, and the excrements white, give
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Dr. Bonizardi of Italy asserts that people die much more rapidly
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■ Among Itiese is CarbonHlc of AmmaoiB. Tb« colntile salt was dlBcorered
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way is so powerful as the secret medicine called Warburg's tincture ; but if
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junction of the caudal muscle with the flexors of the leg ; and its persistence
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pill was now given each night, and for the gastro-enterio
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with injected vessels — that in the vicinity of the
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1. The Board of Ereeholders shall designate one or more screen-
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Pomona, Cal., since 1887, and by the appointment of the
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There is much to be said from the standpoint of pathology,
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holds good for congenital dislocation of the hip since
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in the case of the sweet albuminous solution. The carbol, when injected
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of the papulae, and a secretion exudes which soon forms very minute
apart, hind-quarters long and deep, all covered with a
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scurvy, already beginning to manifest itself, would be unknown. And if it could
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third day four, and from the fourth day he takes two
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ens and peronei do not react to faradism, extensors of
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ably play an important part in the future. Buildings in
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giving a thorough stretching to the vesical orifice and
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tubercular animals will also react to injections of such large doses
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who were sleeping out of doors among pines and firs in the
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the temperature to normal. These statements conjoined might be made to
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some hopelessly diseased men and women, that they do not become
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dissecting microscope to determine the depth of the lesion.
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in a certain sense, a process of differentiation ; it is differen-
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FOR SALE. — A good paying practice of seven years,
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sound nor could there be elicited local tenderness.
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monly necessary. Of course if convulsions occur they are, as a rule, fairly
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lie considered a symptom of a general disease, whose essential
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diagnosis of brain tumor is hazardous, and remains doubtful until the